Feeding Kids Where They Learn

Today, too many kids know what it’s like to open their textbooks with an empty stomach. Studies confirm that when a hungry child eats breakfast, they have better attendance, improve in math, and are more likely to graduate from high school. No Kid Hungry works with schools across the country to make sure every child starts the day with a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast Matters!

School breakfast changes lives! According to a study by Deloitte, kids who eat breakfast at school miss less school, do better in math, and are more likely to graduate from high school. Kids who graduate from high school make up to $11,000 more per year in salary and are more likely to attain higher education!

Get the full report!  Ending Child Hunger: A Social Impact Analysis

The Trouble with Traditional School Breakfast

School breakfast is traditionally served in the cafeteria early in the morning. Often, breakfast is served before the busses even arrive.  And, sadly, kids who eat breakfast at school are often stigmatized as being poor. The result is fewer kids eating breakfast at school and A LOT of lost opportunity.

The Solution: Breakfast After the Bell

No Kid Hungry Missouri is changing the way schools, kids, and parents look at school breakfast by promoting Breakfast After the Bell. By making breakfast a normal part of the school day, we can ensure that all kids have consistent, dependable access to a nutritious breakfast.

Click on the images to learn more about the different Breakfast After the Bell service models.

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